alphaJET 5


Continuous Inkjet alphaJET 5

Smart Start Technology –  perfect start-stop performance

The combination of the new nozzle shutter, nozzle flushing and head heating form the Smart Start Technology. The alphaJET 5 impresses with its perfect start-stop performance. Time lost due to cleaning work when starting up the production line is completely eliminated

With the alphaJET 5 just switch on and the production starts.

You can even leave the alphaJET 5 in stand-by mode for several weeks. There is no need for intermediate start-up or extended cleaning processes when restarting the production line.

alphaJET 5


Remarkable change intervals for pumps and filters

We promise you a service life of 20,000 hours on the pump motor. In other words – with 1-shift Operation, the alphaJET 5 pump lasts longer than 11 years!

The recommended replacement intervals for the filters in the alphaJET 5 are also impressive. We recommend changing filters for non-pigmented inks after 10,000 h in single-shift operation. For pigmented inks, the filter should be changed earliest after 4,000 hours.

Less service, more production: this calculation is paying off.




Why is the print head silvery now and not black?

The alphaJET 5 print head is now naturally anodized. This process is more environmentally friendly in terms of production than black anodising. The resistance of the print head to corrosion or mechanical damaging remains unchanged.

Protecting the environment is an important responsibility for us.

At Koenig & Bauer Coding we are already implementing improvements towards environmentally friendly processes in more and more areas. Our focus is also on environmental friendly inks.

We are pleased to discuss with you our new sustainable ink portfolio.