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Arca Labelling Systems

Four models of print apply labelers (last label printed, first applied) for every need. They can be equipped, depending on the type of application, with various pneumatic applicators for air blast labeling. Configured for employment of the best thermal transfer print modules
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Koenig & Bauer - Continuous-inkjet

reliable, economical, precise Possible application fields include the application of dates, logos, barcodes lot numbers, longer texts and graphics in clean standard characters which must be applied precisely. To fulfill different requirements our portfolio includes high performance systems for complex or special applications as well as simplified systems for standard applications. The components are configured in such a way that the user gets the best solution for his application.
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Datamax-O'Neil - by Honeywell

Datamax-O'Neil has proudly manufactured well over 1 million printers worldwide, and with a guiding principle of 'Right by our customers' promises to continually meet and exceed the expectation of its' customers.
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Polytij Thermal Inkjet

Funktion Australia offers advanced polymer thermal ink technology. Unlike previous thermal non porous inks, polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins.
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Thermal Ribbon

We supply all types of premium quality ribbon, these include wax, wax resin, and full resin. Some of the brands we supply are, Armor, Ricoh, ITW, NCR
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Direct Thermal Labels

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Funktion is Australia's leading supplier of labelling and printing systems to the manufacturing, retail and food processing industry. Need Labels?.

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