Bizerba Genuine Printhead GH 203DPI 65620170100

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Bizerba Genuine Printhead GH 203DPI  65620170100


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Thermal Printheads are sensitive to ESD (electrostatic discharge). Funktion recommends all thermal printheads are installed by a properly trained person, using the printer manufacturer’s installation instructions. Failure to use correct procedures can significantly reduce the life of a thermal printhead and potentially affect the warranty of the printhead. Funktion recommends taking anti static precautions when installing printheads, by using such equipment as antistatic wristbands and / or other ESD prevention equipment. In the event of a printhead being Dead On Arrival (DOA), Funktion will provide a replacement part free of charge. Funktion will require the dead printhead to be sent back to Funktion along with the completed warranty claim form. DOA printheads will not be warranted if there is evidence of physical damage to the unit. All other warranty claims will be assessed on a case by case basis. The printhead in question will need to be returned to Funktion along with sample prints from the printer along with a completed Warranty claim form. Warranties on print heads will only be considered if they: * Purchased less than 30 days ago * Have done less than 20,000 meters of printing For more information on printhead warranty claims or if you need to get a claim form, contact your local Sales representative.

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