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Koenig & Bauer - Continuous-inkjet
















reliable, economical, precise

Possible application fields include the application of dates, logos, barcodes lot numbers, longer texts and graphics in clean standard characters which must be applied precisely.

To fulfill different requirements our portfolio includes high performance systems for complex or special applications as well as simplified systems for standard applications.

The components are configured in such a way that the user gets the best solution for his application.


  • alphaJET into

    alphaJET into

      alphaJET into Simple. Runs. Anywhere. Continuous ink jet printer alphaJET into for crisp coding in high contrast  with pigmented inks. Prints in high Quality even with high Speed...

  • alphaJET mondo

    alphaJET mondo

    alphaJET mondo Simple. Runs. Better. The continuous inkjet alphaJET mondo is the perfect combination of performance, quality and low cost. Lowest running costs and the absolute safe management of consumables will...