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Arca Labelling Systems

Arca labelling systems


“Linear” labeling systems that guarantee all the flexibility of the self adhesive sector. No glue to feed in, heat or clean up. Above all very quick “set up”, without the need for the replacement of mechanical parts(format changes) typical of rotary handling



  • OPEN FRAME is the innovative structure of Arca systems. Main bases in square sectioned steel tubing, without paneling. In order to exploit every inch of space, to be able to see, clean, wash and operate without impediment, thanks to the utmost accessibility 
  • CRAZY FOR STEEL No mechanically derived movement, reducing wear and noise, improving precision. Product handling devices controlled by brushless motors
  • BRUSHLESS & SYNCRO SPEED Nessuna movimentazione derivata meccanicamente, per ridurre usura e rumore e per migliorare le precisioni. Le velocità di tutti i dispositivi di movimentazione del prodotto sono automaticamente sincronizzate alla velocità “master” impostata per il  convogliatore
  • FLEXIBILITY & EFFICIENCY Exclusive solutions. Like the double control panel which allows for action from boths sides of the system. Simple and intuitive operation that doesn’t require the use of tools and allows for saving every second of production time
  • GOOD WORKING IN EVERY DETAIL No detail is left to chance. Like the product guides, made in non scratch white polythene with very smooth sliding (round section with only one point of contact 

  • SAFETY Safety for the operator and the process. Thanks to the “local protection”, Arca systems ensure the easiest working in total safety. On the basis of analysis of the risk run, they are CE certified even without shielding. Alarm management is carried out according to “positive logic”. The detection of good results from all the checks, rather than of anomalies, also ensures against breakdown of the control device